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Antwon Tanner's Married Life With His Wife; Loves Sharing Pictures of Children!

Antwon Tanner Married, Wife, Children

    Have you noticed those celebrities who love sharing their info through social media hiding their real identity? If a man does not share any picture of a lady does not necessarily mean him to be single or something like that.

    Anton Tanner, who is best known being a star of One Tree Hill too was considered to be single before. But after going through his Instagram account, they would know, that he has a beautiful, loving wife. He didn't announce even once about his married life in media, yet shares and cares for his wife and children.

    Let's know more about his married life with his wife and information of his children!

    Antwon Tanner's Married Life: Loves His Wife

    Antwon is a married man, but he wants to keep his wife's identity a secret. He is blessed with four kids: Shimary, Hilary, Twon, and Jess.

    He loves his family, and always want to be with them. Some tabloid said it to be his obsession, but it's love. Antwon is sealing his mouth when asked for their identity, but do shares picture on his Instagram account.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Antwon Tanner (@antwontanner2214)

    He shared few other pictures of her in other social accounts as well. And for him, family matters. So, he also shared his children's photos. Have a look!

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Antwon Tanner (@antwontanner2214)

    Twon and Jess posed with their father Antwon with cold drinks on their hands. Hey wait, here is another picture from his social profiles, where we can see a father with two daughters Shimary and Hilary!

    Antwon is living a blissful life with his family right now, may their relation be prosperous!

    Antwon Tanner's Net Worth and Wiki

    Tanner was born on 14th April 1975, and is known as a star of 'One Tree Hill.' With immense acting skills, he earned lots and lots of popularity. But he once had to go to jail in 2010, April 30th.

    Antwon is a family man who not only cares about his current life, about also about his childhood. He recently shared this picture on Christmas stating:

    'I miss my Gram. These were the good old days. Merry Xmas to all. I love celebrating these moments with my family. We have to get back to the old ways y’all. Way more fun lol.'

    As of 2018, Antwon's net worth is $2 million. The report mentions his earning to be near to $300 thousand a year. His per episode pay is still not disclosed. Most of his income came from his acting in different movies and TV shows.


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