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Bakari Sellers Enjoys Married Life With His Wife and Children; Loves His Step-Child More Than Anyone!

Bakari Sellers Married

    The relation and relationship are the things that can grow dear in the matter of time. It is possible for all kinds of relationship to build rather than going aloof. We are talking about Bakari Seller's married life and his relationship with his step-daughter. Bakari, who is CNN analyst by profession loves his daughter so much that, his wife's daughter might have forgotten her real dad.

    Seller's life is not full of ruckus, so he always tries to make his family member happy. Let's now dive into the information of his married life, wife facts and children, to know more about the relationship.

    Bakari Sellers Enjoying His Married Life

    Sellers married his wife Ellen Rucker back in the year 2015. For Ellen, this marriage was not the first; as she divorced her ex-husband Vince Carter. The information of both being in a relationship never came out, until one insider spell out the truth. Even their wedding ceremony was private with few friends and families attended.

    Both parties agreed to care each other along with nurturing their child. Both had an understanding of caring child whether they are from same marriage or previous one. This mutual understanding helped both in the course of time sharing and showering parental love to the cute daughter.

    Bakari Sellers' Daughter is Kai

    The daughter of a different father, Bakari loves his step-daughter, Kai, very much. Even in a busy working schedule, he somehow makes time to spend with his child whether it's for driving way home or for partying. We can see his tweets on his Twitter account mentioning his daughter.

    Mentioning his daughter's age and parentheses

    Checking Nyla with Daughter

    No @CNN or @HIllaryClinton events for me tonight! Gotta go check out Nyla in the lion King. Proud of my Kia!

    Bakari always thinks his daughter as his own. He once said how he felt when his daughter graduated from school. Also, Sellers is the one to teach Kai how to drive.

    Talking about his wife Ellena, she is enjoying her married life to the fullest having one heck of a caring husband. Here we found a picture of a family celebrating Christmas last year:

    Bakari Sellers' Wiki, Facts, Net Worth

    Born on 18th of September, 1984, Bakari is well-known for his job as CNN analyst. His fame grew up after being linked with the Channel. He is already 33 years old, and his name counts in as politician and attorney of America.

    Being a worker at a vast network, we believe his net worth to be in millions. However, he has not disclosed his net value and income. Some source mentioned his net salary per annum is near to $100 thousand. And his estimated net worth is calculated at $1.7 million.

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