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Bevin Prince's Married Life With Her Husband Will Friend; A Closer Look To Their Wedding Ceremony!

Bevin Prince Married Husband spouse

    Exchanging vows is not just a beautiful thing, but is also a process of forming a bond between two parties. Marriage helps in bringing life to one's life and help them experience good moments.

    The 'One Tree Hill' star has a similar scenario in her life. We are talking about Bevin Prince who shares wonderful married life with her husband. Today we will be discussing her married life, her husband information, and will look closer to her wedding ceremony; stay with us!

    Bevin Prince's Wedding Ceremony

    Prince is one of the luckiest brides, who married her boyfriend turned husband Will Friend in the year 2016. The wedding was held in the month of May, and both looked pretty cute in the ceremony.

    In an interview with Soul Cycle, Bevin disclosed about her wedding ceremony event and the plan they made ten months before marriage:

    "Will and I have friends and family all over the world. So when it came to planning our wedding, we knew everyone would be traveling, so we decided to make a vacation out of it. We were so fortunate to have 70 of our closest friends and family members travel to the Beach House in Turks and Caicos to celebrate and support us."

    She also explained the detail of her vacation. The duo planned five days long boat party, beach party along with the dancing event, fishing and more. The big day was planned in such a way that guests could get connected with each other. She mentioned the whole vacation and big day gave her enough happiness.

    Bevin Prince wedding at Turks and Caicos
    Bevin Prince wedding at Turks and Caicos

    Photo: Soul Cycle

    She described her wedding plan, including how they selected a venue 10 months ago:

    "We picked the venue about 10 months before the wedding and then, other than a few things here and there, didn't really start the actual planning until three months before. The fact that it was a destination limited a lot of our choices on things, which was a dream for me. I am also not much of a planner and people never really remember the place settings, but here is a picture of mine."

    Bevin Prince's Married Life With Boyfriend Turned Husband

    Prince shared a story of a special moment just after her marriage. She made the statement:

    When I woke up the day after our wedding, next to my best friend and realized he was now my husband.


    Bevin shared one of her wedding photos collection with her Instagram fans. She took this photo out of her box on the special occasion of Will and her one year anniversary.

    Again in July 2017, she shared another photo of her spouse stating that day to be her favorite person's day.

    How Will Friend Proposed Bevin Prince?

    In an interview with Bevin Prince, she opened up much information about Will Friend (her husband). She also replied how Will Friend proposed her for marriage. She said:

    We were in London, visiting Will's family. We went to lunch at the home of one of Will's best friends. I had walked away and Will's friend ask him if he was going to marry me. Will replied that he always knew he would marry me. Will's friend asked him, "Why not ask her now?" In true Will fashion he immediately called my father, got his permission, and then got on one knee, with a Haribo candy ring, and asked me to be his wife.

    The love life turned a married life of Will Friend and Bevin Prince has been quite good.  In the present context of divorcing soon after marrying, they are not on the same base as others. They are cooperative and caring. We hope both of them live together till the world ends!

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