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Bonnie Dupree

Bonnie Dupree Facts

    Have you heard the TV show named Alaska: The Last Frontier? If yes, you must know who Bonnie Dupree is. She comes into the casts of the same show aired through Discovery Channel. We all know that nature is the only god gifted thing that's beautiful and sensational. Bonnie knows well about this fact as she loves exploring new places, forests and mountains. In fact, she gave up living blissfully in the city just to visit different sites.

    Bonnie's former last name is Dupree, and now she is known as Bonnie Kilcher being a spouse of Atz Kilcher.  If you do not know who Atz is, he is the main character in the show. Now let's get started with Dupree's facts and net worth, along with her married life, family, children and more.

    Bonnie Dupree Net Worth: $ 7 million

    Dupree's net worth alone is not as much as mentioned above, but along with her husband Atz, her net value is around $7 million. As husband and wife are taken as two sides of a coin, we should include both's net worth together.

    Bonnie Dupree with her husband Atz Lee

    The primary income source of Bonnie is from the series TLF. And the secondary source is collecting food and farming. But how can these sum up to 7 million dollars? It is so because of their family fortune. The Kilcher family owns lands and properties in different places. Their land solely counts 613 Acres in rural and 207 acres in the city area. And the total value of real estate properties and building counts $3.7 million as of 2017. Their annual income is around $800 thousand which also counts in their net worth.

    Bonnie Dupree's Married Life, Husband and Children

    The marriage with Atz was not first for Bonnie; neither was for Atz himself. Atz was married to Linda while Bonnie was hitched to Schwiesow. From the previous married life, she has two children, named Karl and Hanna. But due to some unknown circumstances, they had to split ways. As of now, her children Karl is art worker while Hanna is a yoga teacher.

    Bonnie and Atz Children

    Bonnie met Atz when she moved to Alaska. Both Dupree and Kilcher dated for almost a year before getting married. The whole children as of now are six along with her ex-marriage children. The name of her children is Atz Lee Kilcher, Shane Kilcher, Nikos Kilcher, and Jewel Kilcher.

    Bonnie Dupree's Short Bio

    Born on 5th of February 1954, Bonnie became world popular from the show Alaska: The Last Frontier. Her birthplace is Saranac Lake, NY and as of now, her age is 63 years. The information about her parents and siblings is not found. Her entitled name is an immense nature lover, and her hobby is skiing and listening music.

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