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Chloe Kohanski Won The Voice 2017; Know Her Dating Life, Bio, Wiki and Net Worth!

Chloe Kohanski The Voice Dating, Wiki

    It's now official, Chloe Kohanski is the winner of The Voice S13. Congratulations!

    The favorite contestant of millions of watchers, Chloe was crowned as The Voice winner on 19th December 2017. With this win-win situation, Blake Shelton's team won six times. In the finale, she performed 'White Wedding' pairing with Billy Idol which was her extraordinary act.

    The girl from Mount Juliet, Tennessee has finally done it! Boom! A Huge Success!

    Chloe Kohanski Announced as The Voice S13 Winner

    In the finale of The Voice S13, the final task was given to every contestant left. They had to perform with a top-notch icon in their genre.

    Chloe Kohanski and Keisha Renee
    Chloe Kohanski and Keisha Renee

    The first performance was of Keisha Renee with Adam Cunningham. She sang 'Meant to Be.' For a break, Charlie Puth sang 'How Long.' The entry of Charlie and Levine led eruption of joy from crowd.

    When the time came for Chloe's performance, she had to perform with Eighties legend, Billy Idol. As Chloe has raspy-voice with a passion for singing rock pop, the song 'White Wedding' sounded perfect.

    Carson Daly, the host of The Voice show, announced the winner of the season. Here is the announcement video:

    Personal Life in Secrecy

    The world knows about Chloe Kohanski now, as she is the winner of S13 and has gained popularity. But her personal life is still not in the spotlight.

    Chloe Kohanski and her best friend
    Chloe Kohanski and her best friend

    Whether she is single or is dating someone, is still a secret. She has uploaded most of her photos with 'Hunter' that raised speculations whether she is dating him or not. There is no news regarding all these.

    Utilization of Prize Money

    Chloe, after winning the competition has her hands on Universal Music Group record deal along with the grand prize of $100 thousand.

    Chloe Kohanski and Blake Shelton
    Chloe Kohanski and Blake Shelton

    When she was asked what she would do with that vast sum, she replied:

    'If I’m being honest, I probably would buy some clothing, but also I would probably take that money and invest it in being able to record whenever I wanted in my home. I’ve always lived in Nashville, off the same road [for] literally 23 years, so maybe [I’ll move] and invest in starting a life for myself.'

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