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Name: CM Punk
Birthdate: 26th October 1978
Address: United States
Age: 38 years old
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Marital Status: Married

CM Punk is not a name, it’s a brand itself when it comes to mixed martial arts. He is known to the world as an MMA fighter, WWE champion including a TV personality and a writer. Born on 26th October of 1978, his birth name is Phillip Jack Books. He was born to a middle-class family in Chicago. He became one of the most inspiring wrestlers till date and gained popularity. Now let’s go through this ‘CM Punk Wiki’ to know more of him.

CM Punk Before Fame

Before entering into the world of wrestling, Punk damaged his whole body using drugs and alcohol. He used to live in streets, which led him to do so. But, he convinced himself to stay away from all those. So, he made up his mind and went to Steel Domain Wrestling School in which he trained with Ace Steel, the founder of an institution as well as an American professional wrestler.

CM Punk’s Career

Punk stepped into the professional life when he decided to join American Independent Circuit. Soon, he signed a contract with WWE and lived a life of pro wrestling champion. During his career, he became the one and the only wrestler to earn WWE Triple Crown in a very low span of time. The time he took to earn this title was just 203 days.

The championship he won during his career in WWE includes World Tag Team Championship in which he joined hands with Kofi Kingston, three times the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship for two times.

Apart from being just a WWE wrestler, he is also a UFC player. And his career includes his life as an actor as well. He featured numerous documentaries and TV shows, films and more including the official ‘The Evolution of Punk’, Ghost Hunters Live and Monsters Garage.

CM Punk Married Long-Term Girlfriend

Most of the fans do not know, but CM Punk is already a booked man. He dated his girlfriend for a long time before he stepped up for marriage. His beautiful wife’s name is A.J. Brooks. Both are a loving duo, and there is no trace of both separating sooner. Apart from his wife, Punk dated numerous girls including Mickie James, Amy Dumas, Beth Phoenix, Allison Danger and more.

CM Punk Net Worth

Punk’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million. He solely earned more than $4 million from his career in UFC and WWE. His major source of income as of now are from books, endorsements and from his acting profession.

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