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Cometan Wiki

    Who is your idol whom you look up to?

    For the majority of the people in today's world, our idols are concentrated around singers, tv personalities, athletes, and actors. However, a young man from Penwortham, Lancashire, idolizes quite different figures.

    Brandon Taylor, also known as Cometan, looks up to ancient philosophers or religious leaders such as Plato, Socrates, Buddha, and Confucius. Like his idols, Cometan is also a philosopher and religious leader of today's generation, who solely founded Astronism, an organized Millettic philosophy. Besides, he is the sole author of the first founding treatise of Astronism called "The Omnidoxy."

    “I have fallen in love with The Cosmos and all the possibilities it does hold.”

    Here are the details about Cometan's bio, age, family, girlfriend, height, and other facts, including a brief introduction of Astronism and the Omnidoxy.

    Who is Cometan?

    Cometan, born as Brandon Reece Taylor, is a British philosopher, author, entrepreneur, and theologian. The UCLan graduate is an author of the fictional detective mystery, The Original Jesse Millette Series, and the creator of the Jesse Millette Company. Besides, he is the founder of 'The Philosophy of Millettism,' also called 'Astronism,' and the sole author of a one million word-long treatise, 'The Omnidoxy.'

    “The Philosophy is as One, for All.”

    Who is Cometan

    Astronism, or the philosophy of stars, is an organized philosophy that is based on Cosmocentrism. It emphasizes on outer space in our faith and knowledge and teaches that outer space should become the central or core element of our practical, spiritual, and contemplative lives. It's founding treatise is The Omnidoxy that resides within The Grand Centrality.

    “My faith is strongest when the night sky is clear.”

    The Omnidoxy, founding text of Astronism, is solely authored by Cometan. It is one million words long treatise that resides within The Grand Centrality. Besides, the Omnidoxy is the first treatise to illustrate the concept of cosmocentricity and introduce hundreds of belief, and disciplines of study along with other ideas that form the basis of The Philosophy of Millettism.

    Cometan Family, Parents, and Siblings

    Cometan grew up in a large family between two separated parents. He is blessed with seven siblings and two sets of grandparents. He was born to parents - Louise Counsell, a hair salon and property owner, and Sean Taylor, a vending machine business owner. His parents got separated when he was a child. Later, his mother got married to his now-stepfather, Julian Counsell. Likewise, his father married another woman, Nadine Taylor, in 2009.

    Cometan along with his Siblings
    Cometan along with his Siblings

    Cometan's stepmother, Nadine, is a biological mother of his five half-siblings - Kent, Kieran, Zara, Jay, and Edie Taylorian. His only older sister, Lucia Richardson, and younger sister, Charlotte, are from his biological mother's side. His twin siblings - Kent and Zara - were born in July 2008.

    Who is Cometan Girlfriend?

    Cometan is dating a Genocide recognition advocate, named Liana Tiratsuyan. His girlfriend is an Armenian university graduate. She also has a cosmic sounding name like her philosopher boyfriend as she is mononymously known as "Cosma."

    After a year of a long-distance relationship, the lovebirds met in person for the first time at the Zvartnots International Airport in December 2018. Cometan fell for Liana at first sight, and they even spent a week together in Yerevan. He also chronicled the tale of their love story in his piece of the Omnidoxy. Their Cometanic love encompasses the philosophical musings of Cometan on the subject of love.

    Cometan and Cosma
    Cometan and Cosma

    Cometan is dating his girlfriend, Liana. He has shared a couple of pictures of Liana on his Instagram, where she can be seen with his siblings. Most likely, they'll get married in the coming days.

    Cometan Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, & Height

    Brandon Reece Taylor or Cometan was born in the year 1998 in Preston, Lancashire, England. He celebrates his birthday on July 1, which makes his age 21. He had a big bash for his 21st birthday, which he celebrated in style with his close friends and family at Hoghton Tower on 29 June. He is White by ethnicity and British by nationality.

    Cometan with his parents
    Cometan with his parents

    Cometan stands at the height of 5 feet 10 inches. He weighs around 65 kg. His fair white complexion adds more beauty to his blue eyes and brown hair.

    Cometan is socially available on Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram account with the handle @cometanofficial has nearly 11k followers; while his Twitter, @CometanOfficial, has almost 89.5k followers.

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