Cristiano Ronaldo Gave His Ballon d’Or for Charity; Raised 600,000 Euros at Auction!

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The Portuguese superstar and a professional football player recently donated one out of his four Ballon d’Or to charity. He donated a replica, which he specifically ordered to donate; raised the sum of 600 thousand euros. The charitable organization is Make-a-Wish Foundation; to which he gave the replica.

As mentioned by Marca, the highest bidder was Israel’s richest businessman, Idan Ofer. He paid the whole sum of 600 thousand euros to buy a single Ballon d’Or replica.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his Ballon d'Or

The collected funds will be transferred to Make-a-Wish Foundation and will be utilized for curing the illness of children.

It’s a usual thing for players to order a replica of award either to keep it in a club or in a showcase, but he specifically ordered the replica to donate in 2013.

Urge to Donate!

This is not the first time Cristiano did something good. He once urged his 102 million fans and following in social media to be a helping hand.

In the year 2015, April, he posted a picture on his Twitter account and urged his fans to help save children. He tagged Save The Children Relief and also added a #NepalQuake hashtag.

As mentioned by Forbes, Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth is around $80 million, and he spends most of his assets in charitable funds. Here is one small video of him visiting Make-a-Wish Foundation’s children:

We hope his good deeds pay him in a good way! Popify Team salutes him!

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