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Ian Jeffrey Wiki: Five Facts To Know About James Charles Brother

Ian Jeffrey Wiki, Ian Jeffrey Net Worth, James Charles Brother

    The younger brother of well-known makeup artist and model James Charles, Ian Jeffrey dug down a canal to limelight through collaboration videos on social media. And he reached the opening of it while defending his brother, James Charles amidst the tiff with Tati Westbrook, another notable beauty YouTuber.

    Howbeit, Ian Jeffrey wasn’t supporting his brother, James Charles, at all. Let’s unlock the facts that has been itching you for a while.

    Ian Jeffrey Didn’t Defend His Brother, James Charles

    Merely, a year ago, there was a tiff between two beauty YouTubers, James Charles and his mentor and close mate, Tati Westbrook. Consequently, fans were on the rage to choose sides of their favorite one. Most of them, including Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner, chose to unsubscribe and unfollow James Charles’ YouTube channel and Instagram, respectively.

    Ian Jeffrey : Wiki, James Charles Brother, parents, Gender
    As per James Charles, Ian Jeffrey tweeted about his hometown bully, and Jeffree Star assumed it wrong

    Source: Buzzfeed

    On the contrary, folks thought Ian Jeffrey safeguarded his brother, tweeting, "Why does everyone act so tough on the internet?" And Jeffree Star quickly threw a question at Ian.

    Why is your brother a predator? Why'd you really move back to NYC? Exactly. Shut the f**k up."

    While the video clip of James Charles explained his argument with Tati Westbrook as well as clarified that Ian wasn’t taking his side in the tweet, as per Charles, Ian tweeted about his hometown bully, and Jeffree Star assumed it wrong. At the moment, there is no trace of Ian’s tweet, which was mistaken for defending makeup artist and model James Charles.

    Ian Jeffrey Is Also A Social Media Personality

    Before being a YouTuber, he featured on Charles’ video where the duo of mother and Ian visited Charles in California.  Then, the brothers have collaborated frequently and racked up a million views on the channel. For instance, they appeared on the video titled 'LITTLE BROTHER DOES MY MAKEUP!' and 'Turning My Little Brother Into a Drag Queen!'

    In the nick of time, Ian came up with an idea of launching own YouTube channel. Perhaps, he sought inspiration from elder brother James Charles. As a result, his pioneer video accumulated a million views where he is spotted baking with his brother in "STEALING JAMES CHARLES CAREER,"

    Ian Jeffrey Collaborated With His Brother’s Clothing Apparel

    In most of the videos, fans are aware of how Ian loathes it when James summons him, sister. Ian often amends James’ addressing call as a gender blunder.

    Ian Jeffrey Wiki, Ian Jeffrey Brother, Ian Jeffrey Net Worth
    Before being a YouTuber, Ian Jeffrey featured on James Charles’ video

    Source: Pinterest

    It must be a reason that Ian created hoodies, which read ‘Brothers,’ opposite to James’ signature clothing line, Sister’s Apparel.  Despite the minor tiff, both manage Sister’s Apparel hand in hand.

    Ian Jeffrey Was In A Relationship With Loren Gray

    In December 2018, Ian Jeffrey and Loren Gray announced their relationship officially. Loren Gray earned recognition via account, where she has more than 17 million followers. The pair often shared their pictures on social media.

    Ian Jeffrey : Wiki, James Charles Brother, parents, Gender
    In December 2018, Ian Jeffrey and Loren Gray announced their relationship officially.

    Source: Instagram

    Shortly, Loren announced that the pair was no longer together; instead, they were good companions in March 2019. Asides from that, the social media hasn’t included romantic dairies of Ian with other girls.

    A Short Wiki-Bio Segment Of Ian Jeffrey

    Eighteen years old Ian Jeffrey Dickinson was born on December 17, 2001. He grew up with James Charles in Bethlehem. Both share a solid bond with parents, who have been introduced in one of the James Charles’ YouTube video. His father serves as a contractor, while his mother’s profession is under the shades.

    Ian did schooling from Bethlehem High School. He possesses an athletic background derived from playing basketball and football in school days. In contrast, his brother James Charles found interest in make-up and fashion. Nonetheless, Ian emerged as the biggest supporter of James Charles for his choice of the profession though he attained massive hate comments on social media.

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