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Is Jordyn Jones Dating Someone? Who's Her Boyfriend? Know Her Dating History!

Jordyn Jones Dating

    If you do surf through YouTube videos most of the time, you will certainly recall someone if I say 'TikTok.' Yes, I am talking about YouTube sensation Jordyn Jones who is famous in the internet world. And when a person becomes famous, he/she gets tons of fans and followers.

    For Jordyn, there are million of fans and followers all around the world. Most of them fall for her, but who is that lucky guy to whom she fell? If you do not know the fact, and recently started following her, I would say that she isn't single. She announced her love back in the year 2016. So who's the guy? Today here and now, we will be discussing Jordyn Jones dating life and also her dating history!

    Is Jordyn Jones Dating Someone? Who's Her Boyfriend?

    As I mentioned earlier, Jordyn is not single; you might be keen to know who that lucky guy is. Well, she announced her dating life with Brandon Westenberg back in 2016, December. The exact date was 17th of December when she claimed to be dating with him. She also revealed that they started hooking up quite a few months before.

    The age difference between the two is just one year, that is Brandon is one year younger than Jordyn. So, you might also be interested in knowing the person who approached the first. Let me tell you guys, the way Brandon proposed love of his life was simply amazing. Here I have attached the video, which you can see and enjoy!

    Brandon proposed her back in the year 2016, December using Starbucks cup as a prop. He wrote 'Name: Girlfriend?' in the cup. Jordyn thought it to be most creative proposal ever.

    The tweet above shows the right cup given by Brandon. This was how she confirmed the relationship with him. After this announcement, her fans and followers started raising various of questions. So, the duo together made a video and answered all the issues. Here, watch the video:

    Exactly after a day, Brandon tweeted a picture, the screenshot of his phone which features Jordyn's Black and White photo. Here, take a look:

    Well, I and POPIFY team would like to congratulate the duo and wish their love to bloom forever.

    Jordyn Jones Dating History!

    Before being in a relationship with Brandon, Jordyn dated two other guys. But, both ended up harshly.  She was in love relationship with Carson Lueders in 2014 and broke up in 2015. Another man in her life was Nich Wallace, but their love time got never disclosed.

    Well, I would like to congratulate them once again, and will say to stay tuned for more info!

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