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Is Josh Barnett from UFC Still Dating His MMA Girlfriend? Know His Net Worth and Career as Fighter!

Josh Barnett Dating, Married

    While magnet's opposite sides attract, love might attract similar sides. We are talking about UFC champion Josh Barnett who was dating girlfriend from the same profession. The girlfriend with whom he hooked before was MMA fighter.

    But, they couldn't keep their relation steady which led to a breakup. Today we will be discussing his dating life with his girlfriend, his current marital status and also if he has a new girlfriend or not!

    Josh Barnett Once Dated MMA Veteran Colleen Schneider

    Barnett was once a man with success in both professional and personal life. He dated Colleen Schneider, who is MMA veteran by profession. Both were tough and were two part of a coin. The social media was once full of their relationship news.

    Both worked together in several commercials, which also helped their love bloom full. And this also helped media to know how close they were.

    However, because of some intense repulsive action between them, their relation crumbled down and split. This step left both Josh and their fans heartbroken for some time. Josh completely lost hope of getting married and making her wife.

    Colleen Schneider Dating New Guy

    After breaking up with Josh, Colleen moved on and found someone as her new partner. She doesn't hide her current marital status and shares her private life to all of her fans through her Instagram account.

    When her fans and followers asked about her ex-boyfriend, she revealed it through a comment stating not dating Josh Barnett anymore.

    What is Josh Barnett Doing Now?

    Josh is in UFC for a long time with 35 wins and 8 loses till date. He has won TNA championship and is also a UFC heavyweight titleholder.

    As of now, Josh hasn't revealed if he has found a new girlfriend or is still single. After a split with Colleen, he is keeping his life low-profile. With the net worth of $1.6 million, he is quite busy with his career and enjoying fighting.

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