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Is Juanpa Zurita Dating Someone? His Girlfriend in 2022!

Juanpa Zurita Dating

    Among various internet celebrities, there is one guy whom people are searching day and night right now. Yes, we are talking about muscular hunk Juanpa Zurita, of whom relationship status is still vague. If you do not know this guy, let me tell you that he is an Instagram celebrity with more than 28.3 million fan followers. Also, we count him as YouTuber as his subscribers count 10.8 million.

    So, who is Juanpa Zurita dating as of 2022? Let's find out right away!

    Juanpa Zurita Girlfriend in 2022: Dating Macarena Achaga

    Juanpa Zurita is dating his girlfriend, Macarena Achaga as of 2022. After weeks of rumors regarding their relationship back in March 2021, Juanpa and Macarena decided to make it official.

    On March 22, 2021, Juanpa took it to his Instagram account and posted a heartfelt post, revealing their relationship.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Juanpa Zurita (@juanpazurita)

    He wrote:

    I am a faithful believer that experiences fill you with learning and in this case, that you have to enjoy every step you take beyond the goal. And that no matter how many challenges and limitations life throws at you if you focus on taking the best step today instead of worrying about the top and standing still, anything can be achieved.

    Thank you Pico for having us. Thank you @macabeso for being the best partner in this adventure.

    On Valentines Day 2022, Juanpa spent his day with his girlfriend on a hot air balloon, and also uploaded some photos and videos.

    One year later, Juanpa and Macarena are sharing blissful love life. However, their marriage or taking one step further is still not known to the media.

    Juanpa Zurita Dated Carmella Rose

    Juanpa Zurita dated Carmella Rose back in 2018. They often used to go visit places and made several public appearances. Carmella also posted him on her Instagram, when they were visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

    Juanpa Zurita and Carmella Rose
    Juanpa Zurita and Carmella Rose

    However, in October 2020, they broke up and parted ways.

    Juanpa Zurita Dated Lele Pons

    The young star Juanpa, 25, in an interview; was asked whether he was dating Lele, or not. It's like usual to both of them as they were mostly seen out hanging, and going on a trip. We became successful in gathering all his information connecting her from the respective Instagram account.

    Another picture in which both are sharing a passionate kiss was out in a Facebook account.

    Juanpa kissing Lele

    Despite all the facts and figures found, and the proof, both deny being together. In the year 2016, on 15th June, Lele Pons shared a video, in which she mentioned not being in a relationship, and being single.

    'No, Juanpa and I, we're not in love. We are just close friends, stepping up might be in future, Sorry!'

    Although both denied being together, 2017, we got to see something good. At MTV Millennial Awards held in Mexico, we saw both kissing each other. Here is the exclusive video for that:

    Such award kisses are not rare things for most celebrities, but was this kiss similar? We don't think so.

    Later, in next day, Lele shared a photo on her Instagram account, of the lip-lock kiss. She also captioned: 'About last night!'

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