Is Kirsty Gallacher Dating Someone? Divorced Her Ex-Husband Paul Sampson Before!

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One of the beautiful TV presenters in the world, Kirsty Gallacher is the one in search right now, as her relationship status is explored most of the times. What most of the people want to know is whether she is dating someone or is already married after divorcing her ex-husband Paul Sampson. So, don’t you too want to know whether Kirsty Gallacher dating some guy right now or is still single? Let’s get right to the point.

Kirsty Gallacher Dating Someone?

Gallacher divorced her ex-husband Paul Sampson and reportedly started dating another guy. She came into the dating game, as she found a new boyfriend perfect for her life. She was seen together with Dann Cipriani, who is an English Rugby union player.

In an interview, she mentioned the real reason for stepping into new dating life. What she said was:

‘I had been with Paul for almost 15 years. It became interesting when I chose another guy instead of the same guy!’

‘Well, it’s sure is fun, but I don’t want to put pressure on anything. The time is yet to come, and I hope everything goes well in next year too.’

Kirsty Gallacher Dating Boyfriend Danny

It was not known to all, about her new boyfriend; and all people fell into curiosity because of that. Later she revealed her new partner who was Danny Cipriani. The duo enjoyed their love life for almost half year when they parted ways. The reason for their breakup was ’12 years age gap.’

When both were in a relationship, they were too severe and intense of their life. Here is something Kirsty mentioned about Paul:

‘I have no kids, so I love someone to be on my side. While with kids, they are going to be with Paul, and I will be enjoying some trips.’

But now, they are not even close!

Kirsty Gallacher’s Married Life With Paul Sampson

Now let’s talk about her ex-married life with Paul Sampson. The ex-pair dated for almost nine years before hitching in the year 2010. The wedding ceremony was lavishing, which was held in southern Spain, at Arcos De La Frontera town.

Kirsty Gallacher Wedding Ceremony

From this relation, they were blessed with two kids; both were sons: Jude and Oscar. But because of some unknown circumstances, both ended their married life and parted ways after being together for five years.

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