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LaMonica Garrett's Married Life With His Wife Mina Ivanova; No Sign of Children Yet!

lamonica garrett married

    All the celebrities and public figures always try to keep their personal affairs within the curtain, and also some try to keep it in secret box. It is usual for them, as media is always seeking for a scoop. But, there are still some celebs who do not mind sharing information about their personal life with their fans. LaMonica Garrett, an American actor is one of those, who always shares his personal moments on his social accounts. So today, we will be discussing LaMonica Garrett married life with his girlfriend turned wife Mina Ivanova and more about their child.

    LaMonica Garrett Married Mina Ivanova

    Garrett found a perfect partner for his life, a long time ago. He dated for the very long time span, before turning his girlfriend Mina Ivanova as his wife. The duo hitched on 27th April of 2017.

    Before marrying, both gave us hint about their love life as well. The duo used to share tweets, pictures almost a daily basis and also used to share their feelings and emotions.

    Both always feel some kind of attraction and connection, so they are always together. So we assume, they like to capture pictures together.


    Here is something exciting. Both shared a picture on the Valentine's Day this year, stating about having a marriage license.


    Their joys and excitement took them to the new level when both exchanged vows and stepped up for marriage. We can see all those feelings into words in Mina's tweets.

    To set the mood in honeymoon, Mina shared a glimpse of her wedding on her Instagram account.


    As of now, it's already been almost six months of their married life, and both seem to be enjoying it.

    Are They Parents Already?

    Not just their marriage, but also their personal info is searched thoroughly. Most of his fans and followers wonder if he already has a child or not. As the duo share high affection towards each other, their fans do want to know whether they are parents already or not.

    The rumor came back in the year 2012 when LaMonica tweeted 'Happy Mothers Day!' tagging Mina in his twitter account. This rose some suspicion whether LaMonica is stating Mina to be a mother or not.

    Another picture on Instagram led burst to the rumor roar. In this picture, the duo was spotted with a female child.


    But, all the information regarding this is not provided. So, we need to be patient and wait for their call. Having the net worth of $350,000, the hunk might not reveal more of his info sooner.

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