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Lauren Simonetti

Lauren Simonetti Facts

    Lauren Simonetti is quite a popular name in TV Network as she works as a news reporter in The FOX network. Her spot in media grew more as she hitched her colleague recently. Born on 14th of April, 1981, Lauren is 30 years of age as of now. Simonetti officially became a reporter for the FOX network in the year 2007, September.

    Simonetti chose a colleague as her husband, and things were quite the opposite and unexpected. Most of her fans still want to know why she chose him over her fantasized future husband. Now let's dig into the detail of her along with her net worth, salary, children details and more.

    Lauren and Her Husband, Mark Cubrilo: Dating Info!

    Mark's friends organized a get-together dinner party. Lauren came with friends and Mark's friends introduced to her.

    Since then, the duo started seeing each other repeatedly. A kind of liking was developed between them which turned into love relationship. They were always together whether it's lunch time or dinner time. And what more, Mark's own brother announced Mark being crazy for Lauren.

    Lauren Simonetti Dated Mark Cubrilo

    Mark recalled:

    'We just clicked, When I finally saw her outside of work, I saw her true personality. She’s serious when she needs to be, but there also are a lot of laughs with her and she’s so much fun.

    At first, Simonetti was not interested in him, but his good characters she too started liking him. Here is how she describes her husband's characters:

    'He is pretty selfless. He’s more concerned about me than himself. And he’s trustworthy. I know I can rely on him for anything.'

    Lauren Simonetti Marriage Details: Proposal and Vows

    The beautiful pair were enjoying love life until Mark proposed her in the year 2015, April. Lauren accepted and both rang wedding bells in October of the same year. The wedding venue was 'The Crystal Plaza, Livingston' located at New Jersey.

    Lauren Simonetti With her husband Mark Cubrilo

    Talking off the beat, Lauren never thought of marrying man working in office hours. But, her current husband persuaded her to the core. Doing so, both are now enjoying happily married life together with their children. And in Mark's case, he too never thought of marrying woman working in office.

    Both were having same views over marriage, and yet tied knot. As of now, their marriage is well settled and there is no rumor whatsoever.

    Lauren Has A Daughter

    The news of her child came to media for the first time when she officially tweeted the news on 29th of July, 2015. She captioned:

    'In about 10 weeks, We become parents!'

    Here is another tweet from her official Twitter in which we can see her daughter. She is covered with baby blanket.

    'Rae Vivian is one week old today! Thank you kindly for all your warm wishes and blessings!'

    Lauren Simonetti Net Worth: $5 million

    Being FOX reporter for such a long time, we can expect her salary and net worth to be surely high. From her well-paid jobs and good property setups, her annual salary is around $200 thousand and her estimated net value is around $5 million.

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