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LeeAnna Vamp: 5 Facts You Need To Know About Cameron Vamp's Wife

LeeAnna Vamp Facts, Wiki, Net Worth

    Is entertainment news only limited to actors and actress? Surely isn't. There are few other kinds of celebrities who are popular and are always on trending list. Today we have proclaimed vampstress or say cosplay vampire LeeAnna Vamp, whose facts are less known to the world.

    The Vampstress was born in 1981, 26th January, she was born in California. Wearing nerdy outfits and cosplays, she looks perfectly like a vampire with fangs. Let's now know more about her through these facts!

    Total Cosplay Freak by Heart

    As Vamp was born in the early 90s and is a fan of 80's movies; she grew an interest in classic fashion and horror genres. LeeAnna loves wearing dark colored dresses, and dark lipsticks.


    Describing herself, she said:

    "I am a fan and will be a Nerd Forever!"

    Vamp is a die-hard fan of 'The Walking Dead' series.

    Loves Halloween More Than Christmas

    Who loves Halloween over Christmas? LeeAnna does. She calls herself 'Ghoul of Your Dreams' and her fans love calling her 'Goddess of Halloween.'

    As she loves the depth of horror and dark side, it is not unusual for her having such interest. When she was asked about the reason, she said:

    "I love evil stuff and all things Halloween. We all know who we are out there growing up as kids and loving the magic of the holidays. Christmas is awesome.... but for us, Halloween just kicks so much more ass."

    Her Husband is Horror Movie Actor

    LeeAnna is not single, as she married her boyfriend turned husband Cameron Vamp. The wedding took place at Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California.

    Her husband also shares the same interest as of her. He is known for his act in 'Pool Party Massacre' movie. Not just their last name, but also their interest matches perfectly.

    Vamp's Cosplay Wedding

    LeeAnna's wedding was even darker. In her big day, she invested good effort. Unlike ordinary marriage, her wedding was similar to what we have seen in horror movies.

    The theme of the wedding was 'All Black' and her mother Elvira conducted the marriage.

    Net Worth and Wiki

    The Canadian born Vampstress LeeAnna's information of parents is undisclosed. However, she calls Elvira as her mother. She once mentioned about her friendly relation with Cassandra Peterson (mom.)

    Apart from cosplay, she is also an actress and a model. She is currently producing 'Best Fiends Forever,' and 'Fright Night Show.'

    Are you the real one? A Real Vampire?

    'That's for me to know, and you to find out ;)'

    LeeAnna's net worth is $200 thousand, and most of her income goes to her cosplay apparels.

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