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Luann De Lesseps Divorced Her Husband Tom D'Agostino Jr., Marriage Lasted Only Seven Months!

Luann de Lesseps Divorced Thomas DAgostino

    All the records of early divorce was broken, solely by the news of Luann De Lesseps divorced her husband (Oops, ex husband)! This Thursday, 3rd August 2017, she filed divorce on Tom D'Agostino Jr.

    As mentioned in Page Six magazine, both were feeling bad and their relation started to go apart from the day they went physical clash in public.  The incident occurred in New York restaurant, that gave sour taste to both parties. Luann revealed the divorce via her twitter account this Thursday:


    An insider revealed the truth about their relationship to E! News:

    'He wanted to be bachelor again. He was not married before, but she urged for marriage.'

    Another statement came out about their divorce issue:

    'He had kissing habits. For those who's been single for more than 50 years, its hard to change habits. He tried to stay focused with his wife, but it was very hard for him.'

    Luan De Lesseps Married Tom D’Agostino Jr. on New Year Eve!

    Luann and Tom exchanged vows back on New Year's Eve. The wedding was held in Palm Beach, Florida, with few people invited. The total number of people invited was 80 people.

    LuAnn De Lesseps Wedding CeremonyCaption: Luann and Tom at Wedding Ceremony.
    Photo Credit:

    The People Magazine confirmed the news of their marriage:

    'RHONY' star Luann and Tom arranged dinner party on a boat, with 80 people invited.

    For now, the ex-couple have decided to be apart, and are not together. Lunnan is thinking this to be her great mistake in marrying earlier.

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