Megan Wallace Cunningham Married Her Husband Craig Ferguson in 2008, Are They Still Together? Know Craig’s Past Marital Affairs!

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We all know Craig Ferguson as a TV host, and actor of America, but about his wife Megan Wallace Cunningham is less known. Her profession is Art Dealer and is also know being Craig’s wife. The couple already spent nine years of married life together and is one of the good married couples in Hollywood.

Despite being a spouse of a famous person, Megan is not known by most people. As her life always remains in the dark, it is hard to find much information about her. Here we will discuss all the facts of Megan and also about her married life and children just in case you are her fan!

Megan Wallace Cunnigham Dated and Married Craig Ferguson

The beautiful couple Megan and Craig met for the first time in 2005 in some event. Craig was a divorcee back then, as he just split with Sascha Corwin. After completion of three years of love life, both stepped up for marriage and hitched on 21st of December, 2008. As mentioned in the source, only 15 people attended the wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony was held on Cunningham’s parent’s farm situated in Chester Vermont. The groom’s dress was simple kilt while bride’s was knee-length Habitudes dress.

Megan Wallace Cunnigham Dated and Married Craig Ferguson

Caption: Megan Wallace Cunningham with her husband Craig Ferguson.


Since then, both husband and wife are living blissful married life. Both are supportive and co-operate with new things together. Till date, there is no information, rumor or gossip of both being separated.

The beautiful pair was a child born on 31st of January, 2011. The child is a baby boy to whom they named as Liam James Ferguson.

Craig Ferguson and His Past Married Lives

Megan is not the first wife of Craig; instead, she is his third wife. The very first spouse of him was Anne Hogarth, with whom he married in the year 1983. Both were together for just three years and split in 1986.

In 1998, after twelve years of individual life, he found Sascha Corwin as his life partner. From this marriage, they had a child, Milo Hamish. The boy is already sixteen years old as of now. The second match ended in 2004, as they couldn’t go further.

Megan is his third wife with whom he met after a year, in 2005. Their married life is still going smoothly, and we hope they do continue it until the end!

Her Net Worth and Income

Megan is one lucky woman with high potential. We can say that because of her works to date. As of now, her net value counts in million dollars. To be exact, her net worth is $1.3 million.

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