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Meet Mia Elise Redmond, Daughter of Emily Skye and Declan Redmond!

Emily Skye baby daughter Mia

    Emily is ranked at the third number when it comes to fitness guru stats. She fits in top three ranks perfectly when global fitness star are placed together. She is the one who recently increased her net worth to $30 million solely by her effort in her career.

    After featuring her big baby bump on her social media accounts, she finally gave birth to her dear daughter. The social media sensation with a mass number of fans gave birth to a baby girl on 18th of December 2017. She shared her joy with her fans through her Instagram account, flashing the girl's name: Mia Elise Redmond!

    Mia Elise Redmond, Welcome to this World!

    Emily, Mia's mother shared the most beautiful moment of her life with her fans. She captioned:

    'So happy to finally meet my gorgeous girl Mia Elise Redmond born on Dec 18th at 11.53am weighing 7lb 7oz (3.5kg).'

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit)

    Emily was wearing pink tops, and her baby was covered with floral outfits, which gave more glow to both of them. Taking baby in her hands, she posed with the gorgeous look of her in front of a camera.

    She further mentioned 'constant love explosions' for having her boyfriend Declan Redmond by her side in her big day.

    Mia's father Declan also posted the same photo on his Instagram account with a caption:

    'The two loves of my life @emilyskyefit & Mia Elise Redmond 😍😍'

    Declan Redmond with his newly born daughter Mia Elise
    Declan Redmond with his newly born daughter Mia Elise

    Source: Daily Mail

    Big Baby Bump All Over Instagram

    As a web star, Emily had made quite a fortune in her life. She is regular in sharing her pictures on her Instagram account. The 9 months long pregnancy gave her new idea; the idea of sharing her baby bump pictures and videos with her fans.

    Not too long ago, she posted two videos on her Instagram. On one, we can see her dancing. Well, she danced for quite a while with the big belly. The small documentary and caption she prepared were so true. She captioned:

    Warning: this may hurt your eyes! 🙈😆 - Another attempt at getting baby out! I call this the “Bikini Baby Belly Boogie” 😂 - This takes belly dancing to a WHOLE new level right?! 😝

    This poor little girl has a nut bag as a mother, no wonder she doesn’t want to get out! 😂🙈 .
    C’MON baby girl don’t be shy!! Sure, I’m as crazy as they come but I promise I’ll love you as much as the universe and there will NEVER be a dull moment with @recdedmond and me as parents! 👍🏼🤪

    P.S. I’m more than happy to give dance lessons to ALLLLL who are interested in learning MAAA MOOOOVES! 😁💃🏼

    The second video was for watching her baby bump side by side. She made this video to announce her pregnancy period. She disclosed her pregnancy time to be 40 weeks. Here's the caption:

    I’m 40 weeks tomorrow!
    Come on baby girl, come out before Christmas! 😝

    Relationship with Declan Redmond

    The fitness guru Emily, 32, started her relationship with Declan from the year 2013. As both are celebrities, they had no discussion over their field of interest.

    Emily Skye and her partner Declan Redmond

    Their relationship became stronger when Emily became pregnant. And now she is born, Declan is happier than ever.

    Emily and Declan are not married, but they now might soon!

    Congratulation to both of them!

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