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Is Monica Bellucci Dating Someone After Going Through Two Unsuccessful Marriages? Exclusive Details!

Monica Bellucci Dating Boyfriend

    Monica Bellucci is the name that comes in the list of top Italian actresses. She is the one to be on the top of gossip list for her confusing life, mostly for private affairs. She started modelling at very young age and made her position in films as well. The top movies include Malena, The Passion of the Christ and The Matrix Reloaded. From her best acting skills, her fan followings grew from mere hundreds to millions. Solely on her Instagram account, she has 922 thousand followers. She is fortunate from top to bottom in her professional life, but not too cool in her personal life though. Monica hitched and split twice in her lifetime. So, today we will be discussing Monica Bellucci dating life of now, and disclose whether she has got a new boyfriend or not.

    Is Monica Bellucci Dating Someone? Boyfriend?

    Monica is not a typical celebrity with limited work schedule. She is busy working as a model for different magazines, as well as for various brands. The publications which she mostly features are Style, OK and more.

    As she is beautiful and successful both, we assume she is not single. She might have a perfect partner who loves her and cares for her. But it is a sad thing to say that, she hasn't disclosed a bit of information about him. She has hidden her partner behind the curtains.

    When we found nothing and dug through social media accounts, we didn;t see a word of her relationship. Instead what we saw was some gorgeous pictures of her, flaunting in a bikini showing off her beautiful body. She is already 52 years old, but it seems she is just 30 years old.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Monica Bellucci (@monicabellucciofficiel)

    Monica Bellucci Married and Divorced Twice

    Bellucci already stepped over 50 years of age, but her beauty is almost like of 30's. To those who don't know about her past, we must mention that she married and divorced twice in her life. Let's get started with her first husband.

    #1 Husband Claudio Carlos Basso

    Monica's first husband was Claudio Carlos Basso who is fashion photographer by profession. As mentioned in wiki sites, the duo met for the first time in the year 1989, January and fell for each other. The pair enjoyed love life for almost a year and hitched on 3rd of January, 1990.

    Claudio Carlos Basso and Monica Bellucci

    Claudio and Monica shared married life for four years, but couldn't live much longer together. Without revealing the reason of separation, both parted years in the year 1994, January.

    The interesting fact is that they met, married and divorced in January.

    #2 Husband Vincent Cassel

    After divorcing Claudio, Monica remained single for almost two years. After that, she began dating Vincent Cassel, who is French actor by profession. As mentioned in wiki sites, the duo met for the first time in the year 1996. The pair enjoyed three years od love life and hitched in the year 1999.

    Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci

    From this married life, Monica gave birth to two children: Deva and Leonie. But, without revealing the reason, both divorced on 26th of August, 2013.

    We can feel how much it hurts after going through two heartbreaks. Monica seems not to be involved in love anymore, but we do want to see her enjoying her life. We hope best goes for her in future!

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