Naomi Scott’s Married Life with Her Husband Jordan Spence: Haven’t Planned For Children Yet!

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In Hollywood industry, we perceive marrying to someone from the same profession is usual. But, it is really hard to find the couples being together for long from different professions. We have a similar scoop of a couple who are from a different profession but are happy to be together. Today, in this column, we will be talking about actress Naomi Scott’s married life with her football player husband Jordan Spence, and also about their relationship, stay put!

Naomi Scott’s Married Life with Jordan Spence

Before jumping right into their married life, let us say something about their dating life. Although we do not know the exact time from when they were in love, they once mentioned about four years of a love life. So, we can assume that the beautiful couple started their love life back in 2010.

Naomi Scott and Husband Jordan Spence

Caption: Naomi Scott with her Husband Jordan Spence
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The couple exchanged vows and stepped up for marriage in the year 2014, June. The wedding ceremony was held in London. It’s already been around 3 years of both being together, and they still seem to be newlywed couples.

Jordan Spence Supports Naomi Scott

We have seen many couples’ split because of a two-tier profession that comes in the middle of their relationship. But in Spence family case, it is different. Jordan always supports his wife Naomi in her profession.

Once, in an interview, Spence revealed his wife’s supporting nature for his work. He also mentioned that Scott was always by his side when he wasn’t able to join any club. He also mentioned about her emotional support for him. Here is his statement:

‘Naomi always used to support me, and convince me until I get satisfied. Really! Naomi is the perfect partner for me.’

Here is the interview; you might be interested to watch:


Do They Have Children?

Although they have enjoyed three long years of married life, they haven’t planned on having children yet. Also, they mentioned about having no plans about increasing family size real soon.


They might have planned, but because of their busy schedule, they are not having time to discuss. As Naomi is busy in her acting career and Spence is busy in his football career, we assume they will not give us info real soon. Well, we hope they do it soon!

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