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Name: Paul Abrahamian
Birthdate: 13th June 1993
Address: California
Age: 24 years old
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Marital Status: Unknown

Paul Abrahamian, formerly Paul Raffi Abrahamian is a 24 years old celebrity, who came to fame from the CBS Network’s hit reality show Big Brother. He was born on 13th June of the year 1993, and his zodiac sign in Gemini. His hobbies include playing music, composing new songs, traveling different places and even smoking. His popularity not only counts his participation in Big B as the youngest contestant but also because of his profession as a designer and his long and sexy beard. Let’s know go through ‘Paul Abrahamian biography’ to dig out all information!

Is Paul Abrahamian Dating Someone? Has Girlfriend or Married Already?

For the regular Big B watchers, especially ladies, don’t you want to know whether Paul is dating some girl, he is single or is married already. Even we were in search of all these information until we got a hint from a social account. It’s not so simple as he lives his life, his dating life is way more complicated.

And hey, if you haven’t noticed, Paul does have an old twitter account, which he stopped using back in 2014. He uses his Instagram account for featuring his designs and new twitter account to add what he is doing recently.

To know his dating life, we should go back to the year 2014, when Oana Gregory, his alleged or may be real girlfriend shared about her boyfriend having a beard.

Oana also shared two more pictures of him, one with a cat and another when he was studying.

These tweets were of a long time ago like almost two years. What dropped us in confusion is the tweet made by Oana, back in December of the same year. Here’s the caption:

‘Good things fall apart, so better things can fall together!’

She didn’t mention whether they broke up already or if it was just a pillow fight. So, we cannot confirm whether Paul is single, is dating Oana, or is married already!

Paul Abrahamian Net Worth and Income in 2017

The handsome hunk Paul is a cloth designer, so we can assume his earnings to be in hundred thousand.

The estimated net worth of Abrahamian is $500 thousand, and it is surely not a small amount. Also, about his earnings from his official website Dead Skull Apparel is counted to be around $200 thousand yearly.

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