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Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell Got Engaged To Travis Turpin; Paul Walker's Ex-Fiance is Getting Married?

jasmine pilchard gosnell engaged

    Travis Turpin, the famous musician, has million of fans, but he is a fan of his fiance Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell. She is the one who came to fame being a girlfriend of late Paul Walker. And Travis, of course, came to fame after composing 'Hear That Train a Comin.' Both like to keep their lives in a secret box, yet there is one new scoop on both of them. You might get a shock to know that Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell engaged with him. Well, there are lots and lots of fans, including you, want to know about their love life and relationship. So, without further delay, let's get started!

    Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell Engaged To Travis Turpin

    Jasmine is not a married lady yet, but it seems she is setting things up for marriage. Not a celebrity, she is just a normal student who is just 27 years of age. We are talking about her just because she was the fiancee of late Paul Walker.

    Gosnell and Turpin started their love life back in the year 2014, June. As reported in a major news magazine, both continued their love life for almost 5 months and then stepped up for engagement. It was Travis who popped out the question and proposed for marriage.

    Travis: 'Will You Marry Me?'

    Jasmine: (One-second pause...) 'Yes!'

    Jasmine and Her Fiance Travis
    Caption: Jasmine and Her Fiance Travis After Engagement!


    Well, we would like to congratulate the beautiful couple and wish they get married soon!


    Jasmine was Ex-Fiance of Late Paul Walker!

    As we mentioned earlier about the fact that Jasmine is not a celebrity, we said so because her fame solely counts being a girlfriend of Paul Walker. The ex-duo started their love life back in the year 2008 and got separated after his death in the furious car accident. We think the date, 30th November of 2013 is the date that she never forgets.

    Jasmine and Her Ex-Fiance Paul Walker
    Caption: Jasmine and Her Ex-Fiance Paul Walker, Both Dated for 5 years.


    But, the news came out of both being engaged only after his death. Now you can feel how hard it was to Jasmine bearing all those pain.

    What we would like to do now is wish Jasmine to get going on her current life, and never face similar incident in her life.

    For more updates on Jasmine and Travis, stay tuned to POPIFY NETWORK!

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