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Rare Photo: Megan Fox Shared Photo of Her Children!

Megan Fox Shared Photo

    'Transformers' actress Megan Fox did pretty amazing thing this week. The one who hitched Brian Austin Green shared a very picture of their kids. Fox shared her children's photo in Polaroid form through her Instagram account. Her little bunnies: Bodhi, Journey, and Noah looked pretty amazing together. As Megan is secretive in nature, we didn't expect her to disclose this rare photo.


    Megan Fox and Her Family

    We can see the youngest kid of her in the third picture. The youngest child is named Journey, who is just 11 months as of now. We can see the child strapped inside as he is too young to walk. The first picture is of Noah who is 4 years old. He is wearing 'Princess Elsa of Frozen' cloth. The fourth picture in this content is of Bodhi, who is 3 years old.

    We can see that Megan is a family lady and is always concerned about them. Once she mentioned about her family, here's the statement:

    'For me, our family is most important. My husband, Brian is not macho type, also he is very sensitive. As I am the matriarch, I love controlling them and be like someone to be inspired off. And you see, my boys would be sensitive, chivalrous types and sweet.'


    Let's all hope that Megan to be successful in her works and in personal life!

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