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Is Robin Taylor Gay? Gotham Star Opened Up About His Marital Status!

Robin Taylor gay

    The world-famous star Robin Taylor, whom we have seen in Gotham TV series has finally stepped out of the door and revealed his sexual orientation. Getting out from a room unexpectedly after so many years made him little anxious, but he finally decided to be calm and say something to his fans and following. And his announcement on his marital status put down his long-assumed being gay. So today, we will be discussing so-assumed Robin Taylor gay life, and also about his married life.

    Confirmed: Robin Taylor is Married!

    Robin never mentioned about his marital status until he was asked by Glamour Magazine, in 2014:

    'I am a married man, but want to keep it a secret. I hitched over three years ago, and it's been almost ten years of our relationship.'

    When he was wished to know whether he has kids or not, he replied:

    'No kids yet!'

    As for now, he hasn't revealed to whom he hitched with. We are too curious to know who is that lucky person to be able to steal Robin's heart. It's up to him whether he reveals the secret identity or keeps within him.

    Is Robin Taylor Gay?

    Robin is one of those celebrities who want to keep their life and affairs a secret. So, he also tried his best to do so. But, it made some negative turns, and he was pointed out to be gay.

    And finally, on 18th June of 2016, Robin admitted being gay and also revealed his husband to be the greatest man. Here is the picture he shared on his Twitter account:

    As said earlier, when he revealed his sexual orientation, his fans and followers started declining the fact, and some even criticize him. He posted an emotional tweet later, in which he said how he was criticized.

    'When I posted about my anniversary on Instagram, I was called a faggot and a gay bastard. Homophobia is real and deadly. #LoveIsLove'

    Robin Taylor Net Worth and Facts

    Born on 4th June of 1978, Robin Taylor's real name is Robin Lord Taylor. His home town is Shueyville, Lowa and his height is 5 feet 6 inches. He has already worked for 15 movies and 8 TV series.

    As he has worked in different movies and tv shows including some video games, he is successful in maintaining his net worth in millions. His estimated net worth is $6 million.

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