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Is Sofia Pernas' Boyfriend Randal Graves, Her Husband? Know Her Relationship and Also Her Net Worth!

Sofia Pernas' Boyfriend

    The Young and The Restless star Sofia Pernas is perceived so much not just for her acting skills; but also for her personal life. Despite much of celebrities, who tend to keep their private affairs a secret, Sofia is just opposite. By the work she does, one thing is clear; it is not that hard to flaunt personal matters while working too. But one thing still left us into curiosity, that her partner is her boyfriend or husband. So today, we will be discussing Sofia Pernas' boyfriend Randal Graves' info, including her relationship with him and net worth.

    Is Sofia Pernas' Boyfriend Randal Graves, Her Husband?

    Sofia is one of the prominent actresses in the film industry having millions of fans; mostly boys all over the world. But, it's kind of bad for those who are waiting for her call; as she is already hooking up with someone else. The 28 years old Pernas is dating Randal Graves, and both seem quite a good couple.

    Sad thing to say, that we do not have much information regarding her dating life, and her boyfriend. However, we do have some pictures of both, in which we can see both very happy.

    The following picture is the one, in which both celebrated for one-year love life anniversary.



    Here is yet another picture, where we can see both enjoying the serenity.


    Sofia does not keep any information in secret box, but she does not disclose fully either. So, we don't know whether the duo married already or have plans for future. So, in order to know all, we must have patience and wait for their announcement.

    Sofia Pernas Quick Bio and Net Worth

    Born on 31st July of 1989, Sofia Pernas is of Moroccan-Galician ethnicity. She started her acting career after being a model for few years. She went to LA to be an actress.

    Sofia's first acting work was in 'The Immortal Voyage of Caption Drake' in the year 2009, in which she played the role of Isabella Drake. Other movies and TV shows she worked on are The Young and The Restless, The Green Ghost, Leverage and more.

    Pernas' net worth is not estimated yet. But we can assume her net worth to be around $1.5 million.

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