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Solange Knowles is an American singer and model who started her music career at the age of 16. Her debut album ‘Solo Star’ dropped in 2003, which became a moderate success. Before her musical debut, she had already stepped into the field of acting with minor roles in TV series like ‘Intimate Portrait’ and ‘The Proud Family.’ Her career frequently transitioned between her musical endeavors and her acting, which allowed her to become a well-known celebrity in America.

Quick Facts

Birth Name Solange Piaget Knowles
Birth Date 24 June 1986
Age 34
Birthplace Houston, Texas, USA
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Parents Tina and Matthew Knowles
Siblings Beyonce, Bianca Lawson, Koi Knowles, Nixon Knowles
Husband Alan Ferguson (estranged)
Children Son: Daniel Julez J. Smith, Jr
Net Worth $9 million

Solange Knowles Net Worth: $9 Million

Solange started her music career in 2002 after collaborating with Lil Romeo for his album ‘Game Time’ and then with Kelly Rowland for her album ‘Simply Deep.’ The collaborations with them served her well as she got further acquainted with songwriting and music production. She immediately started working on her very own debut music album.

Solange released her first debut single titled ‘Feelin’ You,’ which resonated well with the hip hop audiences. It became an electrifying start for a young musician like her, and the song eventually went big in the club DJ scene as well.

Solange Knowles net worth

Source: Instagram; @saintrecords

For the next few years, Solange started her career in acting and played some major and minor roles in films like ‘Johnson Family Vacation’ and ‘Bring it On All or Nothing.’ She also had a guest role in ‘One on One.’

In 2007, Solange began working on her second studio album, under the label ‘Geffen Records.’ In mid-2008, the album’ Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams’ came out. However, she wasn’t pleased with the way the industry worked and didn’t even care to hide her doubts as one of the singles from the album was titled ‘Fuck the Industry.’

Solange made a brave move by breaking her ties with the music labels and decided to go independent, which was considered a suicidal step by the industry experts. Her crazy transition was visible in the single ‘Losing You’ from her EP’ True.’

Solange Knowles net worth

Source: Instagram; @saintrecords

Apart from her music and acting endeavors, Solange has modeled for Armani and Michael Kors. She and her sister, Beyonce, have also modeled for their family line of clothing, House of Dereon, named after their deceased grandmother.

Solange lives a lavish lifestyle as her riches are worth millions of dollars. Her net worth is estimated at $9 million. Likewise, her sister, Beyonce, has an estimated net worth of $500 million.

Solange Knowles Husband: Alan Ferguson

Solange has married twice. She first tied the knot with Daniel Smith in February 2004 at the age of 17. She gave birth to their son, Daniel Julez J. Smith, Jr, on 18 October 2004. Beyonce’s sister calls her son the greatest and unplanned blessing.

After the birth of their son, Solange and her now ex-husband moved to Moscow, Idaho, where Daniel continued studying in college. But in October 2007, Solange confirmed in an interview with Essence magazine that she and Daniel had divorced. After the divorce, she and her son moved to Los Angeles.

Solange Knowles husband, Alan Ferguson

Solange Knowles with her estranged husband, Alan Ferguson. Credit: Solange Knowles’ Twitter

On 16 November 2014, Solange got married to a famous music video director, Alan Ferguson. However, after almost five years of their marriage, Beyonce’s sister announced that she had parted ways with her husband, Alan, via Instagram. They haven’t finalized their divorce yet.

Since the news of their separation broke, rumors circulated about Solange having an affair with her manager of five years, John Boggard. However, on 4 November 2019, she denied the claims and insisted John was not to blame for her marriage with Alan collapsing. 

Solange Knowles Wiki – Bio

Solange Knowles was born on 24 June 1986 in Texas, USA, which makes her age 34. Her father, Mathew Knowles, owned the music label ‘Music World Entertainment,’ a small but successful music label. She grew up with her sister, Beyonce, listening to different sounds of music, which encouraged them to follow a career in music. Her other siblings are Bianca Lawson, Koi Knowles, and Nixon Knowles.

While her sister, Beyonce was a loud and outspoken girl, she was just the opposite, a shy and introverted girl. She learned dancing and theatre along with music and worked on her skills to become a performer someday. She started singing in the family events at the age of 5. When she was 9, she sang for the first time in front of an amusement park.

Solange Knowles sister, Beyonce

Solange Knowles with her sister, Beyonce. Credit: Solange Knowles’ Facebook

At the age of 16, Solange performed for the first time with her sister when one of the child members of ‘Destiny’s Child’ was not available. After watching her performance, her father signed her for his music label. Subsequently, ‘Columbia Records’ signed a contract with Solange.

Solange has a decent height of 5 feet 7 inches.

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