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Vanessa Villanueva

Venessa Villanueva Net Worth, Dating WIki

    If you are a celebrity spouse liker, Vanessa Villanueva is no new name for you. She is best known being a former wife of Chris Perez. Chris, who is one of the prominent guitarists of the US, and Venessa once lived a life of husband and wife. Her fame is worldwide also being an actress and performer. She has acted on few memorable projects like Forgotten Memories and Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns.

    The spousal life of Vanessa and Chris ended after sharing dual life for two years. Although they hooked up for eight long years before marriage, the reason for divorce was clear. So, after a split, do you know what she is doing? Now let's get started with her facts and net worth followed by her dating life, marital status, ex-husband and details, children and wiki-style bio.

    Vanessa Villanueva Quick Facts

    NameVanessa Villanueva
    Marital StatusDivorcee

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    Vanessa Villanueva Net Worth: $100 Thousand

    The net worth, before marrying celebrity Chris is not worth finding. But after divorce, her net value started increasing. Also from her works in two hit movies, her earning grew. But, the income is far less than her ex-spouse Perez of whose is in millions.

    Venessa Villanueva Single Black Photo

    Caption: Vanessa Villanueva featuring BW color frame picture.

    Vanessa never mentioned the total salary, income and revenue she earned till date, but the estimation of her net worth is near to $100 thousand.

    Vanessa Villanueva's Married Life, Divorce and Children

    Back in 1998, when Chris moved from San Antonio to Corpus Christi Texas, he got a chance to meet Vanessa. Their mutual friend John Garza. Slowly, the love grew between them, and they were like attached to each other. The duo hooked up for almost three years and hitched in the year 2001. That day became memorable for both.

    Vanessa Villanueva, Chris their Daughter

    Caption: Vanessa with her former husband Chris and her children.

    Together, they had two kids, one son named Noah and another daughter named Cassie. But with a sad turning point, both parted ways in the year 2008. The Latina Gossip mentioned Vanessa complaining Chris about not being on home as a parent and gulping alcohol every day.

    But, Chris had different though in his mind. He stated that family drama always ends harshly. As cited by SA Current:

    “Divorce is a pain in the ass, especially when people try to start drama with you. But fortunately, there’s peace now.”

    Vanessa and Chris Perez Divorce File

    Caption: The recorded divorce case of Vanessa and Chris.

    Vanessa filed a divorce against her former husband Chris on 24th April 2008. Her aim might have been to work things out, but Chris made his decision right away; thus the two parted ways.

    Vanessa Villanueva Wiki-Style Bio

    Villanueva is not just the ex-wife of Chris but is also known as actress and performer. She used to be a band member of Chris, and eventually, both began their married life in 2001. We cannot find her information on any wiki sites or even in Wikipedia.

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