Who is Maureen Maher Married To? Know The CBS Reporter’s Husband!

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When one becomes a celebrity, it is usual for them having fans and followers search for their personal information. Mostly, what people usually search is their personal information like dating life, if they are married or not and more. Today, we are talking about the CBS reporter Maureen Maher, who never disclosed with whom she dated, or hitched. But, we bring you all the information regarding Maureen Maher married life, and all personal details you are looking for. Let’s not waste time and go right into the point!

Who is Maureen Maher Married With?

Maureen Maher is one successful CBS reporter who never shared her personal information with the public. We searched as much as we can through all the wikis, but she never mentioned about her personal information. However, while going through her social accounts, i.e. a Twitter account,  we found something very interesting. She once shared information about her husband through Twitter. She mentioned about being married and having two kids.

We would never know if she’d never mention how she met with her husband. Here is the tweet she shared on 3rd March 2016:

Source: Twitter.com

When one of her followers asked about her closet and her new stylist jacket, she tweeted how she is fighting with her husband for space.

Source: Twitter.com

Going to the ball, she didn’t wear her signature jacket, instead, she went dressing with a white gown. Here she mentioned about that on her twitter:

Source: Twitter.com

Although she mentioned about her husband on her Twitter more than once, she still hides most of the information about him. We still don’t know his identity as she never shared her husband’s picture.

We found out about her kids when she shared these two tweets in her account:

Source: Twitter.com

Well, we hope she reveals her husband’s identity as soon as possible.

Maureen Maher Quick Bio

Maher was born to her real parents, who were just in their high school. As they were not ready to up bring their child, they left Maureen for adoption. After studying high school, she completed Bachelors from Loyola University.

Maureen Maher in CBS Program

Source: CBS.com

After completion of her education, she joined WLUW FM in the year 1991 as an anchor. She also worked for WWJ-TV and WJBK-TV and then began working in CBS till 2002. Maher later went to Dallas and worked as a news anchor. She got promoted and started a program named 48 Hours Mystery since 2003.

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