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Andrew Kreisberg

Andrew Kreisberg Net Worth

    It is not impossible to be a superhero, but seriously not in the grasp of us being 'The Flash.' But, what's more than hard is to design, and to create those superheroes for entertainment. But these things mean nothing to Andrew Kreisberg. Not just Flash, but he also created Supergirl which is one heck of a fantastic job. To know someone like him is a GO thing! So, scroll down immediately to know his facts starting with his net worth, followed by dating and married life, gay rumors, and his career.

    Andrew Kreisberg Net Worth: $1.2 million

    Kreisberg is in this field for a long time having multi-year contracts as a writer for Warner Bros. With his new storyline and tactic writing strategy, we can assume his earning to be in several hundred thousand. Andrew's net worth is around $1.2 million with a steady income.

    Andrew Kreisberg Dating or Married? Gay Rumors!

    Although his professional life is all public, he maintained good security on his personal life. He has never revealed anything regarding his love life or married life. But he hinted about his private matters through his Instagram account. He shared this picture where we can see him with a gorgeous lady:

    Source: Instagram

    His fans and followers raised questions if he is really dating or not. But he never came out with the answer. So, we cannot confirm if he is dating a lady, or is already married.

    In Supergirl series, Chyler Leign played a gay character and Andrew was very happy with his performance. This led to some gay rumors of him and being linked with the actor. But both of them denied the news.

    Sexual Harassment Allegations Update

    The most recent news of Andrew includes his sexual harassment allegations. The Warner Bros TV suspended him from all his works and matters as of now and is investigating to the core. The group explained:

    We have recently been made aware of allegations of misconduct against Andrew Kreisberg. We have suspended Mr Kreisberg and are conducting an internal investigation.

    According to an insider, various workers and staffs were complaining about Andrew's bad behavior. On the most recent day, his interaction with a female writer was described to be 'inappropriate.'

    There is no citation of harassment by the writer till now, and the reason for her leaving the show might be another thing. But, an insider claimed the harassing environment led her to resignation.


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