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Gabbie Hanna Wiki: Five Facts About Emerging Youtuber

Gabbie Hanna Age, Gabbie Hanna Height, Gabbie Hanna Net Worth

    Gabbie Hanna -- with the real name Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna is one of such emerging talent who gained limelight in the world of entertainment of her fun-loving and humor-filled videos on social media platform and Vine. She has charmed her viewers with her charming personality and made people curious about her lifestyle and more.

    As she made her way towards the height of success, YouTube played a vital role. Furthermore, other than being an internet sensation, Gabbie is also a songwriter, actress, and author.

    In this article, get acquainted with Gabbie's lifestyle, personal life, and who she reached the height of success!

    Gabbie Hanna Hails From Pennsylvania

    Embracing Lebanese, French, and Polish ethnicity, Gabbie Hanna was born on 7th February 1991 as Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna. Her parents are named James and Michelle Hanna. Besides, Gabbie grew up in a close-knitted family of nine members, including her six siblings.

    Amongst her siblings, Gabbie is the third oldest others are two older sisters; Monica and Cherisa, four smaller siblings; Cecilia, Genny, and Madelynn; and one younger brother named Sam.

    Moving on to Gabbie's educational preference, she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013 with a degree in Psychology and Communications.

    Start Of Career

    After completing college, Gabbie Hanna began working at a marketing company that sold Sam's Club products. In an instant, she became the top salesperson and soon moved to Cleveland, Ohio, to launch a new branch of the company.

    However, at one point, Gabbie realized her true passion for acting and eventually took her departure from the company. Subsequently, she moved to LosAnglels, California, to pursue her career in acting and to focus on becoming a social media influencer.

    Soon Gabbie began showing her talent in the platform of Vine in late 2013. She was successful in accumulating around five million followers.

    A year later, she set her foot on the YouTube platform under the name "The Gabbie Show." Her channel mainly featured storytime videos, and by the time of 2019, she had gained more than 6 million subscribers.

    Later, Gabbie opened the second YouTube channel under the name "The Gabbie Vlogs."

    Moving on, as people are familiar with Gabbie's multi-talented personality, they are also familiar with her released book of poetry Adultolescence. She has also premiered her debut single, "Out Loud."

    The multi-talented personality has sprinkled her talent in different platforms, gaining a name as well as fame.

    Net Worth Reached Million

    Gabbie Hanna's net worth is another thing her fans and admirers have been curious about. This is because many have seen her career growth and hard work on acting and social media fields.

    As of early 2020, Gabbie has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She has been able to make her net worth in a million by having hands in different fields.

    Dating Boyfriend? Or Married?

    Many people have shown interest in Gabbie's love life, as she often joked about her dating life. Although in the past, she kept her fans on the shadows of doubt, whether she is dating or married.

    In the present context, Gabbie is dating a guy named Payton Saxon.

    However, she has not opened up about her relationship with Payton and enjoys her love life in secret away from the media.

    Troubled Past With Ex-Boyfriend

    Gabbie -- now might be relishing her love life, but in the past, she faced some emotional breakdown. On her YouTube channel, once she mentioned that during her college days, she was dating a guy, 'a pathological liar by nature.' The guy who she was dating lied about his profession and emotionally abused her.

    Moreover, after the painful past, now, Gabbie is enjoying the perks of her love life.

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