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Diane Alexander: 5 Facts You Need To Know About Lionel Richie's Ex-Spouse

Diane Alexander Facts, Net Worth, Divorce

    We all know Sofia Richie, the one to be in a romantic relationship with Scott Disick. As they are in the spotlight, people also want to know facts about their parents. Sofia's father Lionel is widely known, but what about her mother who was once Lionel's spouse?

    Diane Alexander is less known to the world. Only few top ranked celebrity sources are able to collect information about her. Everybody knows her name as Lionel's ex-spouse, but her facts are still missing. As she recently met her daughter's boyfriend Scott, things are stirring in the pot right now. Let's know more including top 5 facts about her!

    Started With Extra-Marital Affair

    Diane and Lionel began their affair while he was married to his girlfriend turned wife Brenda Harvey. Lionel married her after college and also had an adopted daughter named Nicole Richie. The affair was described as extra-marital because both hadn't divorced, but separated.

    Caption: Diane Alexander featuring bold look in her Instagram photo.

    E! Online report mentions, Brenda caught Diane with Lionel. In anger, she beat up her own husband. For that, she got accused of spousal abuse. Brenda divorced her husband in 1993, which opened up a straight way for his new partner Diane.

    She is Mother of Two Kids

    We all know her to be a mother of Sofia, but she also has another child. With Richie, she gave birth to a baby boy in 1994 and named him Miles Brockman Richie. He was present at her wedding ceremony.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Miles Richie (@milesrichie)

    Caption: Diane with her son Miles Richie on the wedding.

    Her another child is Sofia, who is best known as a model and fashion icon. She always comes to spotlight with relationship allegations and more.

    Caption: Diane shared her picture with Sofia.

    Her Divorce was Expensive

    Lionel had to pay a big price as alimony to his ex-wife Diane. The divorce expense of his previous wife is said to be the most expensive one in Hollywood. And in Diane's time, she asked for $300 thousand a month.

    Caption: One of the oldest picture of her with a daughter.

    The expenses mentioned by Diane was not worth stating; she might be like a Chewbacca!, remarked a newspaper. The expenses cited by her include dermatology worth $36 thousand, $180 thousand for clothes, $60 thousand for jewelry, $12 thousand for hair removal per year.

    Replying to The Sun, Lionel said:

    'Kids aren't the problem, ex-wives are!'

    Net Worth Includes Her Alimony

    Diane is not of the highest earning profession list. She was a dancer and is cloth designer, so her earning was low. Her net value increased after being in an affair with Lionel, and even now, her net worth includes Alimony amount.

    Caption: Diane's cabin in woods, as mentioned by her in a caption.

    Adding up her $300 thousand per month into the account, her net worth is estimated net worth is not more than a million dollar. As she mentioned her high expenses, she might have properties worth less than a million dollar.

    Engaged to New Partner

    Even after a divorce, both appeared on good terms. Daily Mail remarked their recent visit for shopping too. But now she is seen with a different person.

    Caption: Diane with her new partner; the name is still not disclosed.

    The relationship with her new partner was revealed via Instagram, and she also revealed her engagement in 2015. She hasn't mentioned her fiance's name, and their marriage is still not confirmed.




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