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Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez Wiki


    Name:Josh Martinez
    Age:23 years old
    Zodiac Sign:Unknown
    Marital Status:Unknown


    Josh Martinez, this name is no new to all as he is the one and only, winner of Big B season 19. And, the strategies he used and utilized in the show worked out totally. Josh, who is 23 years of age has now gained mass popularity and appreciation from all around the world. Not just that, it also helped him in gaining millions of fans. Without further delay, let's directly go through Josh Martinez Wiki, to know more about his life, his family, sister, parents, net worth, journey in Big Brother, and his hair care business.

    Josh Martinez Family: Parents, Sister, and Siblings

    Josh might not have disclosed any information regarding his personal life, but we do know about his family. He is a cool guy, who loves being with his family, as he mentioned numerous times missing them. Here are some statements he mentioned:

    'What is the hardest thing living in the house? It's being alone, away from all family members and not hearing a word from them.'

    He continued:

    'We all are close, and my siblings are not my siblings; instead, they are like my best friends. So, you might understand how hard it will be not having contact with them.'


    During his Big Brother journey, he was asked what would be the only thing he wants in the house, to which Josh replied:

    'I would live my mom to be here, it's because she takes care of me, cook for me and clean for me.'

    Josh Martinez's Strategy in Big Brother

    What is the main thing required to be prepared for something? It's mental stabilization. Josh prepared himself and thought of winning the sitcom beforehand. Because of that, he mentioned about his future works with CBS. WHat he said was that he can even travel few more miles, if it is what it takes to win the show.

    'These are my tactics in winning the show: lie, cheat and manipulate.'

    'Lies can make the meatballs move just like I want, which will help me win this game; and for them, I would be like their best friend.'

    Josh Martinez Net Worth and Income

    Born on 1994, Josh Martinez became the winner of Big B season 19, and also a winner of millions of fans. He is just 23 years old, and his homeland is in Florida. The official Big B wiki mentions his parents and siblings but no information about his dating life. For the one who won the Big B series, his net worth is surely high. He won 50 thousand pounds as prize money which is equivalent to $67,890.

    As mentioned in some wiki sites, Josh's net worth is counted to be $500 thousand. But after adding the prize money, we can say that his net worth is now $567,890 in total.

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