Beth Shuey Wiki: Five Facts To Know About Sean Payton Ex-Wife

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Sean Payton might be one of the well-known coaches, but in 2012 he had a rough year. He was not only suspended for the 2012 NFL season, after reports that the Saints had established a bounty system that paid defensive players cash in exchange for inflicting injuries on specific opponents, but he also faced divorce with his then-wife Beth Shuey. Although things are looking great for him in the present, let’s get updated on the life of Beth Shuey.

Divorced From Sean Payton

Beth Shuey was previously married to Sean Payton. The couple were married from 1992-2014, but are now divorced and have gone their separate ways. They met at Indiana State University.

Unfortunately, the couple marriage did not work out, and they filed for a divorce after 20 years with the reason being discord or conflict of personalities. Since then, Sean moved on from the relationship and started dating Skylene Montgomery, former Miss West Virginia, with whom he got engaged on November 8, 2020.

Shares Two children with Her Former Husband

Beth shares two children with her former husband, Sean Payton. She mothered a daughter Meghan in 1997 and a son Connor in 2000. According to sources, Beth requested full custody of their two children after the divorce, but it’s not clear if her request was granted or not.

Beth Shuey Wiki, Beth Shuey husband, Beth Shuey Children

Beth Shuey with her former husband and children

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Regardless, Beth’s two children are full-grown adults now. Besides, her daughter seems to be following her father’s footsteps and pursuing a career in the football universe. Her father has shared a series of pictures working as a sideline reporter for a football game.

Remains Single

Following her divorce, Beth went away from the media and remained outside of the public. She did not make many appearances, and most details on her life remains a mystery.


Beth Shuey Wiki, Beth Shuey children

Beth Shuey with her children.

Photo Source: Beth Shuey Facebook

Nonetheless, the former wife of Sean has not been in a relationship since her divorce. Although her husband started dating a year after the divorce, Beth, on the other hand, has remained a single mother for her children.

Graduated from Indiana State University

Beth graduated from the same place she first met her husband. She attended Indiana State University and graduated in 1990 with a degree in marketing from the Alma Mater. However, she has not disclosed her birthday, but we assume her to be around her 50’s.

She won a home in Texas from the Divorce

Sean Payton, who has a net worth of 8 million, filed papers to separate their assets outside the court. After the divorce, she moved out of their house in New Orleans and moved to a 7,700 sq ft. Mansion in Texas, which they had recently purchased.

After the divorce, Beth got to keep the house in Texas, which reportedly was purchased around $3-3.5 million. In addition, she was definitely earning six-figure per month for alimony and child support.

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