Yellow Power Ranger Karan Ashley’s Married Life With Her Husband; Facts You Need To Know!

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The ‘Power Rangers’ series and movies have always been a favorite show for children. Among a mass number of series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers also counts in as popular. Today we will be talking about yellow ranger from the same series!

Karan Ashley, who played the role as Aisha Campbell in the series is also known as Yellow Ranger. She possessed excellent powers as her character, but what about her personal life? Has she been heroic with her husband?

Let us know more about her marital status, husband info, and facts!

Karan Ashley is Married: Husband is Kimani Ballard

Everyone, who is following her frequently as her fan knows her marital status. She is a married lady, who loves sharing her moments with husband to her fans through social media.

Talking about her husband, his name is Kimani Ballard of whose profession is still in confusion. The duo hitched in the year 2014, and are living a blissful life.

In an interview, Ashley stated about her dating life with him. She even said that their girlfriend-boyfriend relation was excellent, which helped them to step up for marriage.

In their love life, they used to do everything together, and even now they are following the same trend. Both are cooperative towards each other and care each other to utmost.

From Karan’s Twitter account, we found out that the duo worked together in ‘Grow Up Already’ show. Here’s the tweet:

As of now, both are living happily, and there is no issue of divorce in their life.

Karan Ashley’s Net Worth and Facts

Born on 28th September 1975, Karan Ashley’s hometown is Odessa Texas. Although born in Odessa, she grew up in Dallas. She entered into entertainment field through singing group named ‘KRUSH.’

She was a member of the group for almost five years when she decided to start her acting career. In one of the auditions she gave, she was selected and thus began the journey in the entertainment field.

From her career, she didn’t only earn fame, but also a good net worth. Her net worth is not revealed but is estimated to be $7 million.

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