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Yolanda Hadid Addressed Over Fake News of Gigi Hadid Being Pregnant!

Yolanda Foster makes first public appearance since announcing split from husband David Foster

    The past few weeks were rough for Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik as the news of both expecting children came to limelight. Zayn, who is dating Gigi for quite a long time faced the fake news which led fans in a desperate situation.

    But how this news came to market? Well, Gigi's mother Yolanda made one statement before, which led all into the controversy. What she said was:

    'In 8 months, I will be a grandma.... life is a blessing!'

    As this statement points directly to either Gigi, Bella or Anwar; people speculated Gigi to be the one. But, she cleared things up right away in the same night! Here is what she claimed later on:

    'No of course not, if my daughter was pregnant she would be the one to announce it not me.'

    Zayn and Gigi are in relation since the year 2016, and also both live in same house. This question is likely to pop out for the celebrities sharing the same roof. But, as Yolanda mentioned, if the news was true, Gigi would be the one flashing instead of her.


    As of now, both are busy in their work, and we hope to get real news soon!

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