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Regina Lasko

Regina Lasko Net Worth

    Who is Regina Lasko? Most of us do not know that. It is because she is a wife of famous American TV host, David Letterman. And what's more, she was in love relationship for almost 23 years and is now married to him. Her fame counts only when her husband is around as she is not someone with celebrity profile. Read this full bio to know Regina Lasko's facts and figures!

    Regina Lasko's Dating and Married Life

    Regina met her future husband David on the set of his Late Show. She was working as production manager for the same show. Their eyes met, and both started hooking up. They enjoyed love life for over a decade and stepped up for marriage. The exact year from when she started dating was 1986. The wedding was not known to the world until Letterman himself disclosed on his own Late Show. He even mentioned how his truck stuck on the road while going to a wedding ceremony.

    Regina Lasko and her husband David Letterman

    Caption: Regina Lasko and her husband, David Letterman.


    The wedding was held at Teton Country Courthouse situated in Montana. Both were flaunting their dress. Regina was in a blue suit with a rose coloured corsage. He mentioned about having a different feeling with his newlywed in his Late Show.

    Regina Lasko's Children

    Lasko has a son; a baby boy was born back in the year 2003. The couple named him as Harry Joseph Letterman. When the child came to this world, Lasko was not married. But, she decided to come out only when her child became five years of age.

    More Info on Regina Lasko's Husband, David Letterman

    David is not just a spouse of Regina; he is a multi-talented person. Not only in a career, but he is right in making a relationship as well. He hitched Michelle Cook before and divorced in 1977.

    As of now, David is a retired man as he quit in 2015. As per some sources, Regina was the one to take promise for his retirement. The promise was made when David was having an extra-marital affair.

    David Letterman's Extra-Marital Affairs

    The retirement of David was directly linked with his extra-marital affair. He was enjoying romance with one of the staff from the Late Show. Although the incident was on before their marriage, still Regina was upset as her husband had an extra-dating affair.

    Also, David was the one to announce his affair publicly in the show. When asked, he described how he was blackmailed to make that announcement. Since then, no information of Regina Lasko came out!

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