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Is Landry Bender Dating Someone? Who’s Her Boyfriend? Know Her Dating History in Detail!

Landry Bender Dating Boyfriend

Nowadays, celebrities from Disney are in peak. Like Cameron Boyce, another co-actor who came to the highest position is Landry Bender. She is only 17 years old, but her fans and followers count in millions. From the series Crash & Bernstein, she was able to boost up her career in acting. So, now we know how famous she is because of her work, but you must also know how famous she is when it comes to her personal life. Thousands of her fans regularly search whether she is hooking up with someone or not. So we will be discussing Landry Bender dating life, and uncover who her boyfriend is, stay put!

Is Landry Bender Dating Someone? Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Landry is just 17 years old, but have millions of fans. So, the question about her dating life always pops out in the market. The various steps and factors that took her to the top also includes her beauty; but who is that guy who has taken her heart away? We merely doubt about boys who are trying their best to be in her life, as she is one gorgeous girl.

However, after series of information search, our hands were empty. As Landry is too secretive in nature, there is no news and rumor of her being together with someone. It is possible that she is hiding the info from mass media, and also she might not be dating anyone. Even if you try to dig out information about her, you would not find any information regarding her personal affairs.

But wait, we have found one piece of information that might point towards her dating life. While surfing through her Instagram, we found a picture of her together with Griffin Gluck. Here you can check it yourself:

If you see through the comments of this post, you would see lots of fans asking whether they are hooking up or not. Well, it is obvious to all as when a person or say a celebrity is seen with another, we’d likely to assume their relationship. But as there is no confirmation, all we can say for now is Bender enjoying her singlehood.

Landry Bender Dating History?

It is almost impossible for us to find any information about her current dating life, so there is no chance of finding her dating history as well. But, we are still confused from one of her picture from Instagram.

She mentioned the guy above, Ricky Garcia to be her BFF. The Just Jared mentioned:

‘Ricky and Landry are cutest BFF!’

The picture above is of Ricky’s birthday. Although she does not have a boyfriend, she does have a boy to share happiness and sadness.

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